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About Me

I'm Austin Swanson, aka "Swany407".

I’m passionate about investing in public companies. I greatly enjoy researching, analyzing, and thinking about businesses. This includes spending an above-normal amount of time focusing on just a couple businesses, allowing me to dig deeper than most (as an example, my Cardlytics Observations Thread on Twitter is approaching 100 observations).

I owned residential real estate properties, both single family and multi-family, and was switching focus to NNN and absolute net commercial properties. My wife, Emma, has been our full-time property manager. Recently, we have sold all of our residential real properties to take advantage of better opportunities with public companies.

I have degrees in mathematics and actuarial science, and have obtained actuarial credentials of FSA, CERA, and MAAA.

I discuss a little more about my background in my interview on the Value Hive Podcast (Apple, Spotify).

I hope you enjoy the content!

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