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Finviz Elite

Stock Screener, Analyzer, and More



I have used Finviz on a daily basis for a while now.


There are not many investing websites I recommend, but this is one of them.


This is the website with the famous daily movement summary, that is seen on the homepage above.

Finviz 2.PNG

Reasons I use Finviz

  • Financial statement data for multiple years (everything is summarized nicely, and it is better than flipping between multiple 10-Ks or 10-Qs).

  • Their stock screener is the best I have found, with many fundamental statistics I like screening with.

  • Tracks insider purchases and sales, both large and small.

  • When looking at an individual company, I enjoy seeing a list of all news articles, stories, or press releases related to the company, and being able to read more around certain dates that are of interest.

Reasons I use Finviz "Elite"

  • ​No ads (the website is pretty full of ads otherwise, making it difficult to focus).

  • Financial statement data for 5 additional years. I like have a larger range of years in one spot to analyze.

  • Able to see stock price quotes dating back an additional 30 years (if the company is that old).

  • I enjoy supporting a service that I get significant value out of using, and have used for years.

  • More granular screening. You can only do set ranges in the non-elite version. I like being more specific in my criteria when screening. 

  • More updated / real-time price quotes (rather than being delayed on the non-elite version), as well as pre and after market quotes.

  • If you are not satisfied, Finviz guarantees you a full refund within the first 30-days of subscribing.

Finviz 1.PNG


  • You can choose between Monthly and Yearly subscription plans.

  • The Monthly plan is $39.50/m, while the Yearly plan comes out to $24.96/m (this is what I do).

  • If you are not satisfied, Finviz guarantees you a full refund within the first 30-days of subscribing.


Purchase now

Looking for help, or a second set of eyes before purchasing a stock or business?


*Disclaimer: These are affiliate links.  However, this is a platform I personally use and recommend for the screening and analyzing companies. I also purchase and utilize the elite service.  

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