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The following are books I have read, what I am reading, and what I still need to read.

In addition, I provide some recommendations on great books when first starting out in investing and more.

I don't hesitate to purchase any book I feel will be of value, since a single idea can be worth an extreme multiple more than the cost of the book. This is why you may see a large list of  purchased books that have not been read. 

A date in parentheses is the date for which I read the book.

Recommended: Investing / Business / Stocks / Models / Biographies

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  • Lessons on life, investing, business, psychology, and more. Every time I read it, I have new knowledge and experiences leading up to the reread, and learn/notice/interpret something new.

  • "Titan" by Ron Chernow (8/9/2021)​​​​​

  • I may have enjoyed this book more so than any other other business biography or simply business related book that I've read. The audiobook is also fantastic. The stories and the amount of detail on how Rockefeller built Standard Oil are terrific. ​

  • The framework and examples around good capital allocators as CEOs has been useful for understanding different companies, and ultimately led me to invest in them. ​

  • Overall, great introductory book. Concepts are well explained, and the book is very easy to read. I still think about ideas from this book, specifically Lynch's story around the story, The Limited.

  • First book I recommend to new investors, as its easy to read and understand, as well as insightful.​


Recommended: Real Estate

Managing Properties.jpg

  • This strategy is what I have used on my first four rental properties. The book is very detailed, and helped me greatly. 

  • Even with my wife already working as a full time property manager for years before reading this book, we both still pulled valuable information out of this book that we still use for managing our properties. ​


Recommended: Personal

Never Split the Difference.jpg
The ONE Thing.jpg
The Miracle Morning.jpg

  • Best book on negotiating I've read. A couple very helpful tools that I have used successfully, and made this book worth every penny. ​

  • The idea around this book has led me to accomplish many more goals in a much quicker time.

  • Led me to being more productive every day.​

Completed: Investing / Business / Stocks / Models / Biographies

  • "The Goal" by Eliyahu M. Goldratt - The audiobook version is great. (4/1/2021)

Completed: Real Estate

Completed: Personal

  • "Crush It" by Gary Vaynerchuk (6/19/2018)

Started: Investing / Business / Stocks / Models / Biographies

Started: Real Estate

Started: Personal

Purchased & On List To Read: Investing / Business / Stocks / Models / Biographies

  • "Nudge" by Richard Thaler

Purchased & On List To Read: Real Estate

Purchased & On List To Read: Others

*Disclaimer: These are affiliate links. However, they are all books I have either read, started, or purchased myself.

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