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Recommended Platforms

for Purchasing and Holding Stocks

schwab 1.PNG


These are platforms I use to purchase and hold my stocks.

Schwab - Best Overall

After trying accounts with all the major brokerage account offerors, Schwab is one of my favorite, and the one I recommend to all family and friends.

Benefits of Schwab Include:

  • Best platform that is extremely user friendly (with others, it is difficult to find the simplest of things)

  • Typically leads the industry with doing what is best for the customer, such as low or no fees

  • This practice dates back to 1975, and was the foundation for the company​

  • Large brokerage with great reputation 

  • High probability the brokerage will be around for the foreseeable future.

  • Great mobile app​​



Receive $100 - $500 when you open an account and made a qualifying deposit.


*Disclaimer: These are affiliate links.  However, this is a platform I personally use and recommend for the screening and analyzing companies. I also purchase and utilize the elite service.  

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